England Boxing’s Performance Pathway is split into four age groups for Schools, Junior, Youth and Senior.

Each of these age categories is divided into two phases depending upon each boxer’s current standing.

Performance Pathway phases

Performance Phase

This is delivered to the highest level of boxers on the pathway.

Performance boxers will look to compete both nationally and internationally. This will include major competitions when the potential has been shown to win a medal.

England Boxing coaches will oversee individual athlete plans to make sure all aspects of the boxer’s development are taken into account. This includes boxing ability, athletic education and development, as well as sport and exercise science.

Development Phase

This is delivered to boxers who have shown potential and merit a place on the pathway to try and further develop.

Development boxers will be invited to training camps and, where possible, domestic competitions.

Boxers will receive training with England Boxing coaches and occasionally alongside England Boxing performance programmes, working on specific criteria to push them onto the next level.

Schools Performance Pathway

Junior and Youth Performance Pathway

Senior Performance Pathway