About Actiph

Actiph Water is Europe’s leading alkaline ionised water, supercharged to a pH of 9+ to help you charge up and achieve more every day.

Made from fresh Shropshire spring water, a unique blend of electrolytes and ionised to remove sour-tasting acidic ions, Actiph is the refreshing way to take your hydration to the next pH level.

Barnaby Hughes, Actiph Chief Medical Officer, said: “Everything we do at Actiph is in support of a healthy, active, high-performance lifestyle for our consumers.

“Through our partnership with England Boxing, we hope to encourage and enable talented athletes of all ages to make healthy choices when it comes to their nutrition and hydration, helping them to realise their full potential.

“We’re so excited to be partnering with an organisation like England Boxing who share our values and our desire to inspire and support up and coming athletes across the UK.”