Themed UK Coaching resources week 4 – Wellbeing

May 12, 2021 | by Matt Halfpenny


UK Coaching is offering support to England Boxing coaches as the Covid-19 lockdown continues to ease thanks to a series of online learning resources – with week 4 focusing on Wellbeing.

They offer valuable assistance for coaches of all abilities, not just around the return of in-person coaching following the Coronavirus Pandemic, but also on an ongoing basis for those looking to improve their skills.

The resources – a mixture of tips, webinars, infographics, templates, workshops, guides, videos, diagrams and expert opinion – will be made available over the course of the next six weeks.

The six themes are Return to Coaching, Coaching Philosophy, Coaching the Person and Developing Relationships, Wellbeing, Coaching Children and Inclusive Coaching.

To access the material, England Boxing members will simply need to click on the links on the topics below.

While some of the content is free, others will need coaches to register with UK Coaching, and others, such as workshops, will require the payment of a fee.




Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity+ eLearning *(£)
Fifteen Ways to Improve Coach Well-being Diagram
Mental Health in Coaching Opinion
Duty to Care: Supporting the People You Coach and Yourself Webinar
The Five Pillars of Duty to Care Guidance
How to Improve Coach Well-being: Connect with Others Tips
Mental Health in Coaching Opinion
Person-Centred Coaching Key to Improving Mental Health Story
Duty of Care Debate: Where Will We Draw the Line on Athlete Welfare in Sport? Opinion
Adam Morris Talks Mental Well-being Podcast
Promoting Good Mental Health through Coaching Video
Exploring Our Duty to Care as Coaches Webinar
Duty to Care Digital Badge eLearning / Digital Badge
Looking After Your Mental Health and Well-being Diagram
How to Help Your Athletes Cope with Pressure Tips