The Vault is England Boxing’s club and member database that not only allows the National Governing Body to stay in touch with you but to also get all of the latest information via the Knowledge Base.

When you visit for the first time, you’ll find a user-guide, which will help you navigate the system and take you through the registration process step-by-step.

All new and existing members of England Boxing will register and pay for their membership online in exactly the same way.

Registration won’t be final until your regional registrar has approved your card and supporting documents. You will need to send these to your regional registrar after you’ve completed your online registration. Please do not send any documents until you have registered online.

Before you register, it’s important that you have your own email address. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to set one up. The Vault won’t accept the use of someone else’s email address, nor does it allow for one email address to be used for multiple users.

In order to complete your registration, you’ll need a debit or credit card to pay your membership fee should you pay for your own membership fees. Cash and cheque will no longer be accepted for payment. Parents and guardians can make payments for children.

You can access the Vault by clicking here.

If you have any questions, in the first instance speak to your club or registrar. You can also email with your queries.

User guides

England Boxing has compiled a number of user guides for you below:

The Vault User Guide – New Member

The Vault User Guide – Existing Member

The Vault – User Guide – New Club Level

The Vault – User Guide – Existing Club Level

Club Finder.

The Vault – User Guide – New L1 Coach Club Guide

Recreational Member User Guide

Should you encounter serious problems, please email for assistance.