Earlier this year, England Boxing announced a significant transition from the Vault to the Locker, to take effect on June 1st, 2024.

This long-awaited shift promises to provide a host of benefits, including a reduction in paper usage, enhanced visibility, and improved safety within the sport. Moreover, it represents a crucial step towards modernising our operations as a National Governing Body.

As with any introduction of a new system, challenges and uncertainties are to be expected. We fully acknowledge the concerns that have been raised and are committed to addressing them comprehensively.

To provide further clarity and reassurance, we have developed specific timelines tailored to address queries from various members, ensuring that each audience is directly targeted and informed about what lies ahead.

Other guidance has also been created in the form of tutorial videos for members to familiarise themselves with the functions of the new system. They can be found here.

Overall Timeline (for every member)