Coaches are essential at every level of boxing, and the continued success of the sport depends on the quality of them.

Every coach, from the assistant coach helping out in a local club to the England National Coach, plays a vital role in developing and supporting boxers to reach their potential.

The vast majority are dedicated volunteers, who willingly give up their time at their local club, not just to help boxers develop, but in many cases run hugely valuable community projects too.

The coaching pathway and courses available

If you wish to become a coach at an England Boxing-affiliated club, or become a more advanced coach beyond your initial qualification, there is a clear pathway in place.

The first step is to take a Level One Coaching Course that enables you to assist at ringside in competitive bouts and take sparring sessions under the supervision of a level two-qualified coach.

England boxing also offer a Level Two Coaching Course that allows you to get into the ring in the boxer’s corner in between rounds of competitive bouts, coach sparring without supervision and open and run a club.

Also available are Child Protection and Safeguarding Courses, that at least one member of all boxing clubs must attend and pass.

Developing a network of coaches

England Boxing continues to develop its coaching system and is based upon three key principles:

  • Boxer-centred – all coaching developments must ultimately result in a better quality of training and experience for boxers.
  • Continuous learning and development – just as boxers must continuously improve in order to be successful, so too must both individual coaches and England Boxing’s coaching system.
  • Voluntary workforce – the vast majority of boxing coaches are volunteers and any requirements asked of coaches must be responsibilities they can meet, both to their boxers and their sport.

Further Information and Resources

England Boxing has put together a boxing sessions risk assessment form, which coaches delivering boxing sessions may find useful.

You can register free to access coaching courses, videos and live gatherings on The Box Gathering website.

You can also find other useful information on the Sports Coach UK website.

Coaches at ringside