The England Boxing Board of Directors are responsible for the effective governance of the sport of amateur boxing in England, the ongoing operations of England Boxing and the delivery of the Strategic Plan.

It is also responsible for financial management, commercial explanation, development of corporate identity, reputation and media profile, overview of rules and regulations, sports administration and development.

The Board sets England Boxing’s annual budget and is looking after the sport’s long term financial stability.

England Boxing follows the Code for Sports Governance.

Read more about England Boxing’s strategic Plan.

Read here the Terms of Reference of the Board.

Read here the Code of Conduct for the Board.

The England Boxing Board

Richard Brooke – Chair
Anna Cain
Lawrence Selby
Felicity Barnard
Mehul Kapadia
Dr Doniert Macfarlane
Sam Foster
Chris Smith
Paul Asare-Archer
Nathan Pearce
James Stebbing
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Sub-committees and Advisory Groups

England Boxing’s sub-committees and Advisory Groups monitor and advise on a range of areas.


Board members are responsible for a specifically-assigned area and act as Chair of those respective sub-committees, as per the table below.


Sub-committee Chair Members

Terms of Reference

Paul Asare-Archer Mehul Kapadia
Natalie Pascoe
Paul Asare-Archer

Terms of Reference

Nominations Chair appointed for each Board vacancy as and when it occurs. Members appointed for each Board vacancy as and when it occurs.
Technical, Rules and Officials 

Terms of Reference

Chris Smith Phil Hattan
Mike Hemming
Terri Kelly
Geoff Canell Jr
Avoen Perryman (EB Rep)

Terms of Reference

Anna Cain
Compliance, Legal and HR

Terms of Reference


Lawrence Selby Mark Jordan
Ryan Adams
Annie Davis
Stefania Lobina
Mark Ives
Jane Aldred
Jonathon Brown
Paul Walsh
Judy Tumbr
Ian Da Cunha

Terms of Reference

Nathan Pearce Jerome Xavier
Louise Gibbs
Michael Norford
Brian John
Katie Skipper
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Terms of Reference

Chair Vacant Ana Ndeke
Andrea Rankine
Bevis Allen
Byron Francis
Charlie Ford
Paul Asare-Archer – consultant to the sub-committee

Advisory Groups:


Advisory Group Chair Members
Medical Dr Doniert Macfarlane Jamil Shah Foridi
Ross Walker
Charlotte Elliot
Ali Shaladi
Obeda Keilani
Tom Forshall
Fatemeh Alibeygi
Clubs, Membership and Development


Sam Foster Peter Williams
Paul Bainbridge
Barry Jones MBE


Chris Smith (also leads on anti-doping) Sam Foster (Deputy Chair)
Dan Knight


Mehul Kapadia Lee Murgatroyd
Daniel Smith
Edward Bray
 Commercial Felicity Barnard Al Peasland
Paul Lucas